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Victor Bosselmann

Victor Bosselmann is the man behind The Class Journal, one of the most famous men’s style Instagram accounts. Numbering almost 50,000, his followers get a dose of daily style from this modern-day gentleman. He’s an authoritative voice who reminds us that you can still have class and style whatever your age, despite the dominance of fast fashion. At Lottusse, we wanted to find out more about his opinion on these questions and many others.

Victor, you are the man behind The Class Journal. Most probably the best question to open this interview could be: what means for you to be classy?

Classy is a way of life. Being classy means striving for being the best you can be in any aspect of life: dressing, education, manners, and so on. A classy individual knows what he wants and follows his goals without being distracted by what’s going on around him. 

Given that you are a quite young voice diving into a style concept that has been historically considered mature (a vision we think is in most cases is a prejudice), according to you, which are the most featured shoe buying habits of those under 30? what motivates this specific demographic to buy premium shoes rather than those into the new athleisure trend?

I see many people under 30 buying cheap footwear. After a year these are worn out and they buy new ones. In today’s consume society, the life cycle of things has significantly decreased. Cars are replaced after a couple of years, we buy new clothes all the time and switch between apartments. Everything can be replaced because there is a surplus of cheap, short-lasting, and accessible goods. Even relationships are approached with the same mentality. Nevertheless, over recent years a trend has emerged of focusing on quality goods and investing in them, knowing they’ll last more than a decade.  These people have understood that it’s better to buy one pair of expensive shoes once every ten years rather than a cheap pair every single year. 

We are experiencing a new consumption model, more based on the customer rather than the product isolated from any other deep value that can link to the contemporary crowd.  What brands are most successful in finding a balance between heritage and modernity?  What is your take on the subject?

I find heritage extremely important. It’s like a track record that what you’ve been doing for the last 50 or 100 years has worked successfully. I trust a brand with a heritage more than a new one. Brands with a high degree of craftsmanship are likely to excel in the premium sector. 

Due to the current situation we are living, there is a hot topic now, and it is that some people believe Covid-19 will prompt fashion consumers to reassess their values and shift spending away from fast fashion and massive brands. What is your take on the subject?

I do think this trend has been there before COVID19. I do not think that a couple of months in confinement will change consumers’ behavior. People that enjoyed buying into trends will still do and those looking for a timeless style and high-quality products will continue to do so as well. 

In a more personal way, there is any man or woman who had influenced you on your understanding of two of the most highlighted concepts in fashion: class and style? Maybe it is just a personal intuition you work on?

As a child my parents always had my shop for my own clothes and this really developed my personal taste. Through Instagram, I got to see many different styles and started adapting some of them. This really took my own style to the next level. Still to this day, Instagram is my biggest source for inspirational style. I’m glad to nowadays act as an inspiration to others as well. 

It is used to be said that we can know a man through his shoes. Do you agree with this quote? Which elements of a pair of shoes do you think can give us information about the person that wears it?

Totally agree. Shoes should always be in a clean and good condition. Furthermore, shoes should be carefully selected for the occasion. Shoes say a lot about how much someone cares about himself. 

Lastly, please tell us about your upcoming projects.

I am still working on launching a blog. I’m incredibly busy with my day-job at the bank and only have limited time on the weekends. But it slowly grows into what I imagine it to be and I’m excited to soon connect on this axis with my followers as well. 

You can follow Victor Bosselmann at:

Instagram: @theclassjournal

Published on June 17, 2020.