The Art of Touche

La técnica Touche

The art of Touche is the renovation of a classic in the history of Lottusse. It is the union of the innovation of a technique and the most select leathers, together with traditional craftwork used by the brand to develop its pieces since 1877. If we add to this the creative freedom that supports this technique, we find ourselves with unique, handmade pieces, with a distinctive and sophisticated touch. 

This type of footwear starts with a totally natural, high quality base with the creation of a wide selection of cowhide materials, but without this final process that is carried out on normal leather; drum-dyeing. The result obtained is crust leather, which is totally aniline and porous, that our artisans treat with water and alcohol based products to nourish it before it is dyed.

“Hand craftwork allows us to create unique pieces”

The shoe can be dyed in every colour of the collection, to give it a depth of texture and clarity that is impossible to achieve with previously dyed leather; this manual work enables the creation of unique pieces.

The Touche technique, working from a totally white base, starts with a primary application of a pale colour, and the tone is gradually increased. The leather is dyed using a last, which provides the advantage of accelerating the process with different layers of aniline, to achieve different effects or intensities of colour.

At Lottusse, we have more than twelve colours available per season, of which six are renewed with each campaign. This provides freedom and creativity with the textures and finishes that would be impossible to achieve using other techniques.

Touche shoes are developed using the Lottusse Goodyear process, which starts with very special and careful cutting control.

Due to this manual process, it is possible that the shoe may not have an even surface, and that during use the shoes may look worn, lending each pair its own unique characteristics.

It is a shoe that has carried the stamp and identity of the brand “know how” since the beginning; Goodyear construction, a completely hand crafted process used by the brand since it was founded in 1877.

The process for a pair of Touche shoes obliges us, especially during the cutting and dyeing process, to increase the workload by 30% compared to the development process for normal shoes. This is because it must be hand dyed across three phases, which means three additional artisan shoemakers are required, and almost 130 operations that almost 40 artisans participate in, from the start when the leather is selected and cut, to stitching, Touche dyeing, the Goodyear process and finally, the finishing and packaging phase.

It may take 4 to 5 days from the moment the process is started to create Touche footwear, until the shoes are finished.

It is almost impossible to make unique items within the world of fashion, because the production process takes place outside of the small factories. For Lottusse, it is a guarantee of success and unique identity that provides exclusivity and authenticity. 

The Goodyear process provides a waterproof and completely weather resistant shoe that can last a lifetime. Now, with the Touche technique, a touch of colour and sophistication can be brought to each look.