The Art of Noodbag

Bolsos de mujer Noodbag

Resulting from the search for a product inspired by the brand’s origins, artisan work and the essence of the Mediterranean, the Noodbag is one of Lottusse’s most unique accessories.

A work of art in leather, created in 2008, based on an original knot in the shape of a little flower with six points, itself inspired by a very beautiful flower that remains closed during the night and opens at dawn, displaying its highly intense colours.

The knot is inspired by that moment of retreat, and from campaign to campaign our colour palette shows some of these shades of colour. By weaving one next to the other, a dense texture is obtained from the extremely beautiful clusters that are formed.

The Noodbag is made by interlacing six strips of leather through the six turns that make each knot. It is an elaborate artisan technique where no bow is identical to the previous one and the steps are made in sequence, creating the structure that forms the piece.

“It is the result of six days of work and 3,400 knots”

This knotted bag is the result of detailed, manual work; two values both associated with Lottusse.

The hands of four artisans are needed to create just one of these exquisite accessories: a specialist cutter, one to create the flowers with six points, one to assemble the knots or flowers and one to shape the bag.

Each Noodbag is the result of six days of artisan processes, during which approximately 3,400 knots are created, which are woven together to form each piece they create.

Without a doubt, artisan craftwork, experience, patience and teamwork combine to create a bag that is already iconic.

The Noodbag’s oval shape essentially pays homage to femininity, with its curves and pristine, functional lines. The Noodbag collection comes in 3 sizes: extra large (the original), medium and mini.

Every season around 400 Noodbags are created, making this a very select and exclusive product. Every new collection includes new shapes and colours of this delicate artisan piece.

“The Value of the Patience”