A passion for sirens

Inca, localidad mallorquina donde fue fundada Lottusse

There was a time when the Mallorcan people of Inca, where Lottusse was born, were governed by a different timetable than that followed by the rest of the world. Pocket watches, wristwatches, sundials that showed the passing of time with the movement of the sun, and even sober wall clocks and church bells, had all fallen out of favour. They were no longer useful. Here at Inca there was a time when its inhabitants’ daily routine was governed by the sound of the footwear factory sirens, the very same ones that made them think of a long-awaited prosperity every time they sounded. Each of them was distinctive, and each of them perfectly recognisable to their respective workers.

Today, some years after they officially sounded for the last time, and after those clocks, watches and bells had already regained their former importance, the Lottusse factory honours the pioneering work that was done and rightfully pays homage to all those local people that lived alongside it, by keeping those special whistles active. They can be heard over the tiled roofs of the factory, along with the railway line, like an umbilical cord to a sky that hasn’t changed a bit, and under which generation after generation of Inca villagers have walked. These are the same people who built the shoe industry in this area with all their passion and hard work.

The Lottusse siren sounds at quarter to seven in the morning and again at five to two, notifying employees to return to work after their lunch break. Antonio Arenas is the current head of the factory and talks proudly of how he still doesn’t use an alarm clock in the morning, instead preferring to wake up with the sound of the factory siren. He jokes about the time it didn’t work and many workers overslept. So, when you close your eyes and hear its sound, you are taken on a nostalgic journey through time, to the last days of the 19th century, when Antonio Fluxá Figuerola, the founder of Lottusse, began revolutionising shoe-making in this passionate village in the heart of Mallorca. 

At that time, Inca not only buzzed with industrial activity in every corner of its factories, but also in its streets and homes, like a kind of superhuman heartbeat. When the sirens of the factories sounded at lunch time it was exciting to see how hundreds of workers, both men and women, literally invaded the streets, ready to return to their homes to replenish their energy for the rest of the working day.

Over time these resonant alarms had become a whimsical interpretation of the passage of time, where the passage of hours and minutes took on a secondary importance, all because of an underlying passion that sustained the flourishing manufacturing activity. This passion was born in the year 1877, thanks to Antonio Fluxá Figuerola, the most important representative of the footwear industry in Inca.

Since that distant year, that same attitude has continued to be seen in everything that is done at Lottusse. Passion is correctly defined in dictionaries as an intense love directed towards something, a sentiment which makes more sense when we remember that in this case it is one hundred percent Mediterranean in origin, a vital spirit that has gradually become symbol of our identity. Pure Mediterranean: Lottusse, its people, its spirit. Cradle of civilizations, a patchwork of characters and passions. A truly unique and intoxicating combination. From each stitch in your shoes to the exquisite attention that customers receive in the Lottusse stores, both inside and outside of Spain. Passion, passion and more passion.

This has been and continues to be the key; the engine of everything we do.

A passion that has made the brand into a benchmark in the international footwear market. This has allowed constant innovation and improvement. We know that perfection can never be understood as a short-term objective, since Lottusse handcrafted products have only achieved such excellence after many, many years of work. Perfection is, in this case, simply a question of time.

Lottusse’s passion has been passed along generation after generation, together with several converging elements, and is its most precious legacy. The passion for craftsmanship, for a job well done and for innovation. The first of these elements is having the genius to convert that into fashion. The second comes about as a natural result of demand. The third, is that timeless quality that has permitted the brand to endure for some three centuries.

And, of course, that passion is really human, our natural heritage. What you are reading here is therefore conceived as a homage. Now that we’ve reached 140 years of age, we offer a special thank you to all those people with whom Lottusse may have crossed paths over the years, and who have each added to the special history of the brand a little bit more. From the master shoemakers, to the members of the administration, export and marketing departments, leather suppliers, packaging or office suppliers, and to each of the customers in the different countries where Lottusse products may be bought. And of course we mustn’t forget the Inca villagers, who have been there every step of the way, decade after decade. Because above all it is them who have built a history that began in the year 1877, to the rhythm of those famous sirens, when master craftsman Toni Fluxá decided to make his dream become a reality and started producing the best quality shoes.