Lottusse heels: comfort, elegance and craftsmanship

Zapatos de tacón

“When I was little, I couldn’t fall asleep until I heard the sound of heels in the distance, fading away down the corridor after closing the door to my bedroom. I didn’t care what time you arrived; I waited up for you until I heard your heels”.

The clicking of a heel, although it sometimes sounds far away, can end up becoming a soundtrack to a life. Women who, with their feet and their steps, are capable of orchestrating the rhythm of generations of ears and arms that wait anxiously for the heel, after making contact with the ground, to make them feel safe. At home. Protected. <

We at Lottusse believe in women and in their constant and resounding footsteps. With security and without hesitation.

We believe in a woman who is strong, revolutionary and valiant, with sense and sensibility, strength and intelligence, femininity and grace, charisma and elegance. A woman capable of living a few centimetres closer to the sky than to the ground without ever losing her balance.

Women have been essential in the 140 years of Lottusse’s history, but it was not until the 1920s when, in addition to continuing to delight us with the skill of their hands and their ideas in the artisan process, we were able to fulfil one of our desires: dress their feet.

The first high heels by Lottusse marked an era.

It was a comfortable pair of heels, thick at the base, rounded, simple and with much personality. Heels designed to lead the revolution from comfort and simplicity. Shoes intended for a trendy and modern woman, a hard-working woman who shines brightly and shines well without having to resort to suffering, a woman who is practical, feminine and elegant, a woman capable of making the floor tremble at her step, and doing it with serenity and strength.

It was during the 1970s that another type of heel exploded onto the scene. It was a more fine and sophisticated heel, a daring and extremely feminine shoe that succeeded in making women appear slender and elegant while they touched the sky with their feet and their attitude.

When the 21st century had already begun, the Smithson line was born; shoes capable of telling the history of the brand, its evolution, the past and the present. High-heeled shoes that, combining the characteristic brogue with a more personal touch and a more sophisticated craftsmanship; the result of this is that a single piece, a single shoe, a single image, can speak of Lottusse.

The FW17 collection gives us the duo heel, a very special design in which the touché leather and the sole meet and fuse into a single elegant heel, distinguished and, above all, very comfortable and easy to wear, thus abiding by Lottusse’s maxim: comfort and convenience first.

Holly Golightly, while she was eating breakfast among diamonds and French pastries on Fifth Avenue New York, assured us that if heels made you smile, they were worth more than they cost.

At Lottusse, without a doubt, we believe in women who smile and walk without a fear of heights; after all, only they are able to fly.