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Saint Georges Day 2020

6 books on style for Saint George’s Day 2020

These are our editorial recommendations for you to discover more about the world of fashion in this Sant Jordi 2020.

Calzado bailarinas de mujer

Ballet flats: different types and how to wear these women’s shoes

All you need to know about ballet flats: types, characteristics and how to combine this type of footwear for women.


Maria de las Mercedes de Orleans y Alfonso XII

Merceditas: a ballet shoe with a particularly fairy-tale history

The history of a endearing and really used women footwear.

Mestre Antoni, fundador de Lottusse

Mestre Antoni: forward-looking, with one foot rooted in the past

The story of Mestre Antoni, the founder of Lottusse, still inspires us and guides our activity and way of looking at the future.

La historia de Lottusse

The History of Lottusse: a long and sometimes difficult road

More than 140 years of history go a long way. We reveal to you the most important milestones since our foundation in 1877.


Parlamento de Budapest

The Budapester: Central European elegance and style

Budapest is the cradle of one of the most elegant and iconic types of shoe: the Budapest Blucher. Discover what it is.

Bolso Dakota

From the Woman to Dakota

Learn in detail why the Dakota bag is one of the best options for those who love the style and the best qualities.

Bolsos de mujer Noodbag

The Art of Noodbag

The craftsmanship behind one of the symbols of Lottusse’s good work: Nodbag women’s bags.