From the Woman to Dakota

Bolso Dakota

The Majorcan poet Blai Bonet wrote that to remember is to bring things closer to the heart. 

To (re)live old times with new eyes and new perspectives. To stroke closed wounds that continue to throb painfully. To make peace with the past in order to live in the present.

Remembering is understood as an act of love and respect to a time gone by, not always a better time, but more meaningful, more nostalgic, more fully experienced and ever-present regardless of the years and their relentless progress.

Fashion, just like any art, speaks through its pores and stitches. It speaks of the current moment and its idiosyncrasies. Every decade hides a little piece of history behind its fabrics, its colours, its sketches and its patterns.
We remember how the sixties marked an era of mini-skirts and colours that made us dream of times to come; the seventies were spent loud and liberated on the hems of bell-bottoms; the eighties arrived, broke it all up and left – leaving a lingering scent of lacquer and opulence – dragging their excesses along with them. Then the nineties came along, a decade full of ideas, generosity and optimism that was ready to make space for the new, to heal and to restore, to evolve and to rewrite the book of fashion.

At Lottusse, just as in the rest of the world, the nineties burst in forcefully and eagerly. They sketched out a strong, simple, stylish and comfortable woman, who’s independent and very feminine. While the models of the day – now catapulted to icon status – swung their hips along the catwalks, the ordinary woman went out into the street with powerful determination.

The Pocket handbag, one of the icons of the nineties at Lottusse, arrived to profile the image of a unique woman. Its fabulous large cowhide leather pockets stood for a time which still echoes today. 

Now well into the new millennium, Lottusse has redefined the Pocket and presented us with a new version – the Dakota handbag, designed to bring the nineties back into our hearts whenever nostalgia gets the better of us. A sort of silent, discreet luxury that’s also beautiful, educated and eternal, anchoring us to the past, and still with those pockets that enabled us to carry our homes with us and today enable us to travel back in time.

With comfort and simplicity as its motto, its handles are braids of different materials that tie us – with strength and delicacy – to the present and to our roots, while at the same time inviting us to fly sky-high. Its special, unique colours are applied with the manual Touche technique directly on to the leather, ensuring that the rarities of handmade work touch perfection. What’s more, the Lottusse lion is laser-tattooed like scars on skin and style on a woman.

Just a few models of this exclusive Lottusse handbag, handmade by our artisans, have been produced. It is a delicious caprice available only to the most determined.

The Dakota handbag is like one of those complicated science fictions stories in which time folds in on itself, and today and yesterday are merged into a single place.

Contemporary women capable of displaying the best of yesterday and of today.

Text: Marta Pérez
Special Thanks: Bruno, Alessandra & Roberto
Woman Pictures: Alfonso Ohnur