6 books on style for Saint George’s Day 2020

Saint Georges Day 2020

Like so many other things in 2020, Saint George’s Day is going to be somewhat strange, especially in terms of the publishing world. But since reading is something we can do anytime, anywhere, we’d like to give you our fashion reading recommendations. Written by renowned authorities in the world of fashion and style, these books explain everything you need to know to be a fully-fledged fashionista.

Parisian Gentleman (Hugo Jacomet)

One of today’s most relevant fashion connoisseurs, and star of the hit YouTube channel Sartorial Talks. He’s undoubtedly a global authority on all things bespoke, or made-to-measure attire, both in tailoring and men’s footwear. Jacomet reveals the best artisans working in all different types of fashions throughout the book, which he’s sprinkled with his own tips and tricks drawn from his exhaustive knowledge of custom fashion. This is a great choice if you’re looking for tips on bespoke style.

Gentleman’s Look Book: For Men with a Sense of Style (Bernhard Roetzel)

Bernhard Roetzel is a renowned German fashion and style writer, a brand consultant and collaborator on the Der Feine Herr website and one of the field’s best-known personalities in the blogosphere. If you think the sign of a true gentleman is one who can stay that way no matter what situation he finds himself in, this is the book for you. In his book, Roetzel illustrates the best style combinations for giving yourself a touch of distinction and personality in any setting, from elegant to casual chic.

Glosario Ilustrado de Sastrería (Salva Godoy)

If your interest in fashion goes beyond style, and you want to find out more about specific techniques, Salva Godoy’s comprehensive book is the one for you. Its pages reveal everything you need to know about men’s garments, from a tailoring perspective on how they’re made to the different fabrics used. What’s more, it’s all explained in Salva Godoy’s  rigorous yet accessible style. Find more on her blog, Sin Abrochar, one of the most interesting Spanish-language sources in the blogosphere.

El libro rojo del estilo (Brenda Chávez)

Brenda Chávez is a renowned journalist specialising in responsible fashion and consumption. You can read her articles in renowned publications such as El País, The Ecologist, Carne Cruda and, of course, on her own Brenda Chávez website. Her libro rojo (red book), far from dishing out dogma or fashion standards, shows us everything key authorities and masters of style have said on the topic. Personalities as prominent as Carolina Herrera, Katherine Hamnett, Carmen March and Bimba Bosé all grace the book’s pages. In short, it’s the perfect option if you want to immerse yourself in fashion while focusing on the history and concepts behind it.

Alta costura (Florence Delay)

This is a must if you fancy something a little more haute couture in terms of theme and literature. The book takes an intellectual yet accessible approach, looking at the relationships between art and fashion. The author is particularly interested in the female portraits of Zurbarán, one of the masters of Spanish Baroque whose meticulous attention to detail can be seen in the various costumes shown in his works. Barely 90 pages long, the book is a brief, intense literary delight.

Les Séeberger: Photographes de l’élégance 1909-1939 (Xavier Demange)

The perfect choice for the most refined of fashion connoisseurs. The book examines the photography of the Séebergers, a family of French photographers of German origin who captured some of the most fascinating fashion images of the last century. They were, in fact, the photographers who portrayed the best of haute couture in the years between the two wars. Figures as prominent as Josephine Baker, Mistinguett, Arletty and Charlie Chaplin were all immortalised in the Séebergers’ work. If you’re someone who enjoys browsing a book, feeling the pages and taking your time to look over each image, this beautiful edition will most definitely not disappoint.